In my current work I am exploring surface quality, and how looking at intricate surfaces can relax our bodies and integrate our thoughts. I think our world is so full of ideas and instructions and new things we have to learn that we are in need of rest from constant information and the coping we have to do to process it. I started to look at my work as simply creating beautiful surfaces that could fascinate and calm. I began by studying bubbles, then nets, roots and rivulets. These simple things that have motion and beauty and are natural have the calming beauty I am after. I’ve perfected a way of working with acrylic paint and squeeze bottles to achieve much of what I want on the surface of my paintings. I also continue to draw and paint in a more conventional way to explore surfaces. I draw every day in sketchbooks as a means to continue building my vocabulary of surface forms that are both abstract and figural. I began working in clay in 2012, and have found it to inform my two dimensional work in many ways, specifically in allowing me to expand forms as I translate them into clay. 

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